Friday, September 18, 2009

Back Home Again~ ^_*

Back home sweet home & glad to have access to streamyx connection that actually works & allows me to log into my yahoo mail in less than 5 minutes. As of late last week, the streamyx connection at my place in miri has crawled to a halt ~ i've been disconnected for a good couple of days since; can't do any blog updates, can't check my FB... This time i'll be back for a longer 5days, due to the Raya holidays which, conveniently falls on next monday & tuesday. During this span, i'll have 2 weddings to attend tomorrow, of my cousin's and an old friend's. Am split between the 2; so i can only attend the church service of one, & join the wedding dinner of the other... Got back in time last night, to attend Salsa @ Basaga last night, despite having my flight delayed for a good 1 & 1/2 hours. I really enjoy watching people dancing, but it's going to take me lotsa effort & passion to get good at this...
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Photos courtesy of Jong Saw Kang... =)


ahlost said...

WOW at the last picha :D

cal81 said...

ha, what about the last picha? =p