Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Black Box

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This is an investment, to protect my investment in photography i.e. camera gears. Since i bought my DSLR over a year ago, i’ve resorted to several methods of storage to keep it cool & dry ~ to prevent detrimental fungus growth on the delicate lense surface. From keeping it in airtight tupperware containers with silica gel to storing it together with thirsty-hippo in the camera bag to keep the humidity low; but there is no surer way than getting a proper dry-box / cabinet.
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Bought a 48L Sun-Dry dry cabinet with automatic humidity control on my recent home trip, coz i’d get to piggy-back on my mate’s car which, arrived here last night on a trailer, since he’s moving here to work as well. Thanks brada Roy for the transportation & CT for helping me get the discount kang tao on this black box. =)
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The dehumidification unit uses a dial knob control (is it analog?) with control precision of +/-6% (Aipos have better precision at +/- 1 to 2%) integrated into a feedbackloop for auto control; but that (precision) doesn’t really bother me as long as it is capable of maintaining the RH% of between 55 to 40% which, is the ideal reference humidity for storing camera lenses, magnetic tape, disk & film items. In operation mode, the unit performs silently & doesn’t generate much heat at all ~ claimed to be super low power consumption rated at less than 5 watts. The digital humidity gauge on the front panel however needs to run on a separate single AAA battery. It also features an airtight magnetic compartment door; like a fridge’s.
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It’s only as large as my 1/6 Kotobukiya Yoko... =p

As for the storage space, 48L in actual somehow doesn’t look as big as in the adverts, but is very sufficient for my current gears, coz i’ve yet to add extra gadgets. The storage features a 2-tier compartment that can be height configured. That’s 500 bucks for a black box to store 2 camera bodies, 3 – 6 lenses, speedlite + some additional accesories...
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Ample storage for future arsenal expansion... =p


Louis said...

sweet...plan to get mine too next month. :)

cal81 said...

great! get at least a 38L or larger one =)