Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fraulein Revoltech Yoko ~ Movie Version

From Figurines

On my last trip back home, i paid a visit to the much anticipated goodies shops at Spring L2 which, had just opened its doors recently & couldn't resist bagging this loot.
From Figurines

This cutie is Yoko, the red-hot sharp shooter from the Gurren Brigade and is part of Kaiyodo's Fraulein Revoltech lineup which, features action figures of female characters from popular anime titles & is famous for its super-poseability thanks to the utilization of the innovative E.L.F. + Revoltech joint system.
From Figurines

From Figurines

She comes with a plethora of fire-power arsenal to boot as well ~ that signature superconducting sniper rifle, a sub-machine gun, a handgun, a pair of hair pins (looked more like a weapon to me) & a display stand (essential! Her legs can’t seem to support her heavy head + hair in certain poses); other changeable body parts include an interchangeable face with a somewhat angry expression, a ponytail hair part (it’s got a revoltech joint as well!!) and 9 optional hands. Oh ya, it’s got bigger boobs; =p some facelift aspects from the earlier version of revoltech Yoko.

Here are some snapshots of Yoko’s indoor potraiture shoot =p

Kawaii neh?

The pose i thought she’d look best in; damn hard to get her to pose in this stance without the support from the display stand; she’s got a heavy top...*still she looked funny..*

Slightly visible awkward joints, only from side or back view (this an articulative action figure, bah!)

Yoko in sniper-mode

Doing splits while juggling the sub-machine gun with such poise

Some feminine presence on my macho gunpla filled desktop would strike a more balanced visual pleasing sight, i figured =D


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! Really kah more balanced? ;p So now you're happy lah, got your 'ideal' girl with you in Miri. Anime figure and all. ;p HAHAHAHHA! But she is pretty. ;)

cal81 said...

monkey's thrilled to have her as company... hehe =p

Valen said...

Wow...really nice this revoltech yoko movie ver ah... especially the sniper rifle^^

cal81 said...

yups, it looks great on my desktop... can't wait to get my hands on the 1/6 kotobukiya version soon; the guns will have even greater level of details!

faithlovechocolate said...

that'a a FINE piece of er... ART you hav there... and ur gundams must all b very happy now

Adrian said...

wah.. this i likey LOL rather than all the robots

cal81 said...

ha, i've got a bigger 1/6 scale piece of art coming soon; ready for collection during my next trip back during raya, hehe =)