Sunday, June 17, 2007

2007 NBA Finals ~ This year’s has been generally uninspiring, with very few memorable moments, watching the San Antonio Spurs’ sweep of the overmatched Cleveland Cavaliers. In fact Game4 of the finals is the only game I’ve watched for a full length, but not without flipping between channels like every 5 mins. It’s one of those oh-so-predictable series & rather boring to put it at best. I guess the playoff peaked in the 1st round when the underdogs Chicago Bulls & Golden State Warriors staged major upset against the defending champion, Miami Heat & western powerhouse, Dallas Mavericks, sending them home early for the summer. Into the advancing rounds, the excitement gradually mellowed down, but at least the drama spilled over on to the conference finals, when Lebron’s spectacular one-man show dismantled the steady & sturdy Detroit Pistons in 6, in the East & the West featured a nail-bitingly intense & somewhat controversial battle between San Antonio Spurs, the league’s fundamentally best (but boring) team versus the high-flying & explosive Phoenix Suns. All the excitement ended after that & the finals turned out to be a no contest yawn from the start.

Though, the best team won in the end. The Spurs have always been fundamentally superb, consistently proving their worth season after season. Playing the conservative tempo-controlled, defense-first & back-to-basics methodological type of game ~ I’ve got to admit that they’re not that fun to watch; ugly game but nevertheless EFFECTIVE & always delivers when it mattered.

Photos from Yahoo Sports

4th championship title in 9 years has cemented their dynasty to one of the best this decade; past Shaq & Kobe’s Showtime Lakers of 00’ – 03’ & now chasing the legacy of Jordan led Bulls’ 6 title run in 90s ~ that’s the best ever dynasty for me. It has always been a magical experience watching His Airness deliver legendary championship clutch performance & he’s done it 6 times!

Finals MVP, Tony Parker with his soon-to-be wife, Eva Longoria. This guys’ on the top of the world, savoring the ultimate professional satisfaction & personal bliss; a championship ring & MVP title this month, a wedding ring next. What more could a man ask for? He’s having the greatest year of his life, at 25.

I’m 26. Have yet to achieve any milestone worth mentioning… but am on my way.

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