Tuesday, June 26, 2007

On coming home ~ thanks to Marv & Ah Yun that i had a hard time contemplating on whether to extend my stay. Appreciate all your valiant effort in psycho-ing; constantly reminding me about what i'll be missing out , had i not, over supper at the Desa U mamak under the drizzling rain, the other night. Yaps, i'll definitly miss checking out the new happening place to be, Autocity in Juru; more importantly i'll be missing some lim teh session with old-time pals & acquaitances; hard time getting schedules to meet coz most are working & i'll be around only for a short day or two. Missing out on meeting her (Chuin Li) too.. =p
Damn. Should have stayed on & told my boss flight got cancelled; and get to come back later this week.

Had a couple of pleasantly suprising random encounters during those short few days. Bumped into an old friend, Adam at Queensbay mall the other day. Has always been great to meet old/long-lost friends in such manner; it's interesting to see how we've progressed on, each time =)

The other guy that i kept bumping into is THAT famous blogger from Kuching. Was on the same flight there, same flight back; just kept running into this fella at every mall i stepped into in Penang. I'm sure he did pretty well in the Penang Bridge Marathon =)

Just right before the wedding dinner, managed to sneak out with Kino for an appetizing tea-break at SP's infamous ji kai or 2nd street hawker center ~ equal of Kuching's open air market

Yet another brader who's still going solo keeping me company, haha. Till next time friend, til your wedding =)

Bumped into another brader, Choon Aun at Pei's wedding dinner. Doing very ho seh career-wise, still talks crazy: Hey brader, u kang tao boh? bo meh? an chua cho a ne? that was our standard greeting protocol 4 years back, in Kuching. 4 years on the rant has gone full cycle, & still remain the standard protocol in SP. Damn jia lat. Some people like us just don't move on.
This pic is reminiscent of those days...

L-R: Bernard, me, Adam, Davis, Nic & Choon Aun
Once upon a time 4 years ago, 3 braders from Kedah + 1 from Sabah landed on our Kuching shores to wreak havoc & steal our kang taos (scarce commodity here) =p
Still vividly remember the time we watched the Sarawak Vs Kedah football match at our state stadium ~ u guys booed when our hometeam scored! insult our Bujang Senang team like that?? mauk mati kah??!!
Ha, those were the days.... nice catching up with u again brader =)

@ E-Gate's Oldtown Kopitiam with Marv & Soo

Ex-prom night date: Soo ~ a bubbly soon to be mummy =)

Marv ~ for the good company, thanks! See ya when i see ya =)

* Pei Shi, it was nice meeting u again & thanks alot for the photos; yet to have time to browse them thru =)
* Wai Mun, thanks & nice place dude! Will catch up with u someday soon =)

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marv_ said...

didnt manage to meet chuin li on tues too.. she released us aero. haha. destiny i think