Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wedding Day
First met this china-looking guy who speaks funny hokkien during my uni freshie year. This fella is has always been known as the typical earnest & hardworking chinaman, an overachiever who's downright meticulous about every detail in everything he does; tends to be a bit calculative at times, though not at all with his good buddies. We've been pretty good pals, ever since. Seen him thru ups & downs in relationships, til he met his Mrs. Right. That was a long way back in 1st January 2004. We were roomates doing our internship in Penang then ~ i was busy partying at downtown Gurney drive, while he always seemed busy 'bergayut' on the phone on most nights. Things got on pretty well between them & fast-forward 3 years later; here i am attending one of my buddy's blissful wedding..

No chicks, no booze, no bachelor parties... only customary rituals

This one's pretty steeped in tradition.

Nice pyjamas, dude!
It's a good thing being part of a close-knit family ~ siblings, relatives & friends alike coming together to prepare for an important joyous occasion, as such.

Being a car-freak, i've always made it a point to check out the bride & bridegroom's ride, first. The sisters gang can wait.

Not 1 but 2 black & sleek Impul 725 SV Nissan Muranos. Heck, even the plate no's are identical. I was told that they belonged to 2 friends who decided they wanted to have the same ride & went out & got one each on the same day. Cool eh?

All dressed up for the big day

Our man giving the thumbs up to start the journey

Showing some sign of wedding jitters on his big day. Now, who doesn't? Afterall, this is once in a lifetime for most of us

That's the lil' fella who's been 'fleecing' a lot of our brother ang pows

The 3-task ~ the most exciting part of the bring-the-bride-home custom. Haven't got much snapshots here, due to the fact that the fan-man (me) has got his hands full during this time. Sorry that, this brother was not of much help attempting to run down the bride's bedroom door any sooner, except for stuffing down a few mouthfuls of cili-padi stuffed meat balls & a lame rendition of lau su ai ta mi that barely saved ourlives.

Finally getting thru
The pang teh ritual follows next & lasted the next couple of hours... seemed like never-ending affair... father's brother, cousin's step-uncle, 13th auntie... the list goes on, & on... Suddenly, the thought of doing a full Penang Bridge Marathon seemed less daunting =p

Probably one of the happiest moment of being a parent

Hey, buddy it's been great being there & sharing the big & defining moments of your life. Wish you & Fong Lin all the best & eternal bliss as the both of you step into the next great chapter in life. Enjoy ya honeymoon in S'pore! =)

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