Saturday, June 23, 2007

Penang mari...
1st post from anywhere but my desktop at home; from Wai Mun & Lydia's cozy little new place in sg. Ara, actually. Arrived here last night; a suprisingly relatively smooth & ON-TIME direct flight from Kuching. Having Lester's good company onboard made the near-2hour flight seemed a lot shorter & easier to endure. Always dreaded long flight times as i tend to get restless & can't seem to get any good rest onboard. He'll be joining a handful of crazy Kuching-kia to attempt the 42++km Penang Bridge marathon...
First thing after arriving was to head off for a good supper. Returning to Super Tanker foodcourt was never more nostalgic, afterall it was the place where i used to have most of my meals a few years back during my internship stint. Spoilt for choice, i had a tough time deciding on what to eat. Next was the customary friday night outing, hopped by E-Gate a relatively happening night spot easily accesible beside the Jelutong expressway. Nothing feels better than sitting down for a good chat with an old friend over a barrel of beer, relaxing the ambience of the chic clubs & checking out the hot eye-candies; they're greatly abundant here! For that matter alone, always makes me feel like relocating over here...
Saw a convoy of transformers lurking around the area too... hot promo girls & hot rides always come hand-in-hand ~ apparently some Digi-Transformer promo thingy. A couple highly souped-up of Skyline GTRs, EVOs, WRXs, a 350Z, an RX8 & a S15. Thankfully, they were all Autobots.
Retired relatively early for the night... i guess we're not really that young anymore... back then, fuiyyoh... go clubbing like there was no tomorrow.
Met up Marv, for a faboulous dim sum breakfast at Taman Pekaka ~ it's so good i'd say almost rivals Ipoh's best. Ah, this sunny island is always well known for it's abundance of cheap & good food, not forgetting pretty gals too. =p
Managed to squeeze time to catch an afternoon movie at Queensbay GSC ~ Fantastic 4: The Rise of the Silver Surfer. Quite an entertaining one (just a couple of yawns, but did not fell asleep), but rather short though. Finally got to meet up an old friend from my training days: Mei Yee a.k.a the tallest girl i've ever known... had a good chat over great food at Paddington's ~ house of pancakes.... just like the old times...
Will be heading off to SP soon. I'm sure i've got plenty of work to do overthere... will be joining a buddy's, Ah Pei's gang of 'brothers'; that lucky bloke is getting married tomorrow =)
*congrats Ivy, sorry that i got to miss out your wedding dinner last night.. sudden flight change; hope u have a blasting celebration1
*Lester, Alfonso & gang ~ good luck for the marathon tomorrow..
*Kino, u too... hope u finish the marathon & still manage make it to Pei's dinner tomorrow.. even if u'd have to crawl on all fours.. hehe
*Sue & Howie ~ congrats! u guys are expecting twins! now that's something to shout about...
Got to go meet Pei's bro a downtown Gurney now... tata

A Super Tanker ~ of a mammoth foodcourt

Paddington @ Queensbay Mall. This place serves up the best pancakes i've tasted & reasonably priced too.. ho chak!

Me & Mei Yee, an ex-colleague during my internship stint here. It's been great to be meeting u again. Now, i know u've been trying very hard to not make me look too vertically challenged in this photo here. Thanks, yah! =p

With buddy, Wai Mun. This crazy fella i knew from a couple of years back had gradually evolving into the perfect husband candidate. U & Lydia will be next in line, eh... =p

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