Thursday, March 06, 2008

13~Second Car
This is an old school EF7 CRX on a diet...

At most, it probably weighs just a few feathers heavier than a Kancil

sporting much sought after super lightweight Wedsport rims on fours & wrapped with Toyo semi-slicks on the front *for serious tire burnout fun w/o breaking a sweat!*

boasts a spartan interior complete with roll cage & bucket seats with full harness *i had a hardtime just getting in & out of it*

function over style *no creature comfort features at all...takde aircon, takde player, takde power window, takde power steering.. *

i just dig the tricked out push-start button! =D

a custom tangki minyak in the progress of getting fixed unto the car *half a crate of Tiger beer would fill it up nicely*

Powered by a NA tune B16 engine, it is claimed to have clocked a 13-ish second quatermile run (0-400m). That's probably no more than a second slower than a stock Porshe 911 Turbo ~ by no means an impressive feat for a puny 1.6l normal aspirated engine. Yup, that's somebody my engine will grow up to be, someday =p


MrToilet said...

u didnt mention the owner is a lau ah pek. hahaha

cal81 said...

lau ah pek with superb driving skills that will put both me & u to shame... hahaha =p