Saturday, March 29, 2008

Occasional visits to my friend's workshop to lepak-lepak always turns out to be a memory-MB consuming one. I just couldn't resist snapping away (photos) when i'm around mean fast rides ~ enthusiasm gets the better of me... it always feels great hanging out with guys sharing the same passion for fast cars =)

Brothers in Arms *just the cars, not the owners*

Remember the race-prepped CRX?

A purist JDM ride, all ready for some tarmac ripping action anytime now...

On the right (closer) ~ a newer Honda brethen; is also a monster, but of a different kind

Sporting a fully pimped exterior & an ultra low stance *so low that even ants might have problem crawling underneath it! =p*

I'm not a big fan of aftermarket head/tail-lights, but this ultra cool LED rear blinkies get my 2thumbs up! =)

notice that slithering python underneath... still at an NA friendly piping size of 2.5" ~ very garang sounding

neat & functional interior
& the best part of it...

OMFG! It's powered by a H22A! Want that gut wrenching torque without resorting to turbocharging? Go get a 210bhp 2.2l H22A DOHC VTEC powerplant from a Prelude & pluck it into a compact 1.6 Civic EG hatchback chassis. Imagine the power-to-weight ratio... its acceleration must be nothing short of brutal. This is one crazy conversion first pionereed by the displacement crazy americans... hardly road legal one, that is. How well the compact chassis copes with that massive powerplant? i wonder. I'm sure matching the gear ratios to make the most out of the useable power band is going to be anything but easy... though, i'd still be excited to get a ride in either one of these rides. This monster still gets upstaged by the smaller & much lighter 1.6l CRX sibling, i heard...

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