Thursday, March 13, 2008

Project Civic ~ Part II: The Driving Impression *continued*
Done with the installation of the coilovers, now comes the part where i hand over my car keys to my trusty tuner pal & jump into the passenger seat. He then turned to me & said, 'This is THE way to drive a car with a coilover setup...' ~ then, off we took, like a bat straight out of hell. My car's handling characteristics never felt this good ~ So sharp & so responsive it corners like a rollercoaster on tracks! Feel the G-force effect as you corner hard & hear the tires squeal for traction as you power out of a corner. Superb, addictive & somewhat orgasmic... I wasn't sure what to feel ~ thrilled or terrified, by ther first corner, my knuckles already went white from gripping the handles too hard. That's what it feels like, pushing for greater driving limits. Sugoi driving skills. *acquired from years of meticulous training from mat rempit days to street racing & on to the tracks & dragstrip*
Riding around down town going full throttle 60% of the time & shifting at redline, in lunch-hour traffic is by no means a nifty feat... & boy, does he corner hard... i ain't looking at the speedometer, just to keep my sanity in check.
When he corners hard you really feel the G-force hitting you ~ like a smack right in the face. I just love how he uses the momentum of the car to throw it into the bend, negotiates thru the corner with minimal steer and goes full throttle on the exit. That's high level driving ~ the braking, downshift, & acceleration timing has to be right, steering input precise & a high enough corner entry speed. Oh boy, i'm wish i can drive like that.. i want more!

Back to the upgrade review ~ enough said on the performance, it just bumps up the handling to a whole new level. Makes anyone feel like a superhero behind the wheels (very subjective to individual driving skills though =p)
On normal driving, it seems to handle the mild undulations on our potholled & precarious roads just well enough, for me. I'm really don't mind sacrificing a bit of comfort for better handling. *warning: not everyone shares the same idea of 'a little bit of comfort'*
After meddling around with few more test runs, i've decided to stick on the following settings:
1) Ride height - Front ~ less than 1 finger wheel gap (1.8" to .21" drop from stock); Rear ~ 1+1/2 finger wheel gap (1.5" to 1.8" drop); no inner fender scrapping occurance observed during hard cornering
2) Damping setting - Front ~ 40% maximum stiffness (6 clicks clockwise from softest setting); Rear ~ 30% maximum stiffness
Currently still under self-evaluation, so proper wheel alignment not done yet...*due to financial shortcomings, sponsors most welcomed =p*

Damage: RM???? (an arm & a leg... 98,000JPY ~ brand new, mine's a recond set) *will stir a lot of controversy & accusations that i'm very loaded, when i'm really not =(

Verdict: Best solution for your handling woes. *i swear by it* So motorheads, if you haven't got one yet... how can you not have one???! mrtoilet, this is sound investment for your Project Neo... =)


MrToilet said...

Project Neo needs to change tyre first. Currently my tyre already worn badly. Even got deep cracks on my rear wheels. Got good suspension also no use lei.

ah nel said...

bro...keep the low spring for me as i buying it back after sold to car really look like turtle as so high with ori spring :P

cal81 said...

mrtoilet: just sekali change the whole thing lar... suspension + tires... heheh
ahnel: sure thing... will simpan dalam stor for u... =)