Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Project Civic ~ Part I

The conventional 4-stroke engine is also known as the piston engine ~ Ever wondered why? In the power cycle, it is the reciprocating motion of the pistons triggered by the internally combusted air-fuel mixture that makes power; literally (mechanically), so to speak. In laying down the groundworks for an NA motor upgrade, swapping for a set of higher compression pistons is gives the best bang for the buck.

TODA forged high compression pistons (for the K20A ~ from the latest FD Civic Type R) ~ Yeah, babeh!

Do not be mislead by the box =p *K20 pistons don't fit in a B-series*

The Stuff: Honda OEM CTR (PZT) pistons

Damage Done: RM810/set including piston wrist pins

These are actually genuine Honda OEM high compression pistons for the venerable B16B Civic Type R. Now, the beauty of it is these high performance CTR pistons can be used in any B-series block, except the B20-CRV.

The 'R' piston features:

- High profile dome for higher compression ratio to make more power ~ will bump up compression ratio from a stock of 10.4 to 11.1 when used in a B16A. Click here for Compression Ratio Calculator. *interesting!*

- OEM forged ~ has better structural integrity compared to cast pistons

- Moly-based low-friction coating on piston skirt (darker part on the sides) for increased efficiency & reduce wear + scuffing problems

- More oil holes for optimal lubrication

Have yet to be installed, as the visit to the workshop is not scheduled until sometime next month.

*when I’m away for vacation... =p ~ phuket trip + engine tuning job = massive $$ damage!! arggh! xp*


j e n said...

ini budak bukan main byk kaya

cal81 said...

aih.. mana ada?

MrToilet said...

project neo needs to start soon too!! calvin pls borrow me mar-ney. ahaha

Ehon said...

*agrees with jen AGAIN!*

cal81 said...

wah.. semua berkomplot nih!! xp
takde kaya lar... upgrade project has been in the pipeline since a long time ago...
mrtoilet: can sell of one of ur many cars (or gundams) at home to fund ur project mah.. =p

j e n said...

toilet.. no nid borrow lah.. ask calvin to donate.. calvin.. i nid some sponsorship also , pls donate generously

Ehon said...


You can sponsor my Redang trip!!! :D You keluar duit, I keluar myself! :D Sounds like a good deal, right?

cal81 said...

wah! memang daylight robbery nih!! xp
who going to sponsor me? -_-