Saturday, March 22, 2008

Initial D 4th Stage ~ just recently completed watching the whole series... this is one anime series that only the motoring savvy lot would have better appreciation for; it's all about cars & touge battles ~ heavy on driving techniques & psycho-analytical tactics. Thick generic plot, extensive character development & humour elements ~ this series has little of. Putting those aside, the animation graphics detailing, color scheme & the CG effects are realistically superb; definitely a huge leap of improvement from the ealier stage installments. The best part are the sound clips of the cars; from the N/A twincam 4AGEs, VTECs, turbocharged REs to the mighty inline-6 GTRs ~ they all sounded distinctive from one another, realistic to each specific vehicle & engine. That is sweet sound of music to my ears (wished they would tweak up the volume of the revving engines a bit more). And then there's the up-tempo Engrish Eurobeat tunes which, builds up the tension & hype for the racing scenes. The movement & handling dynamics of the cars, down to how the swerve over each corner & ride over each bump are realistically potrayed, save from some ridiculous feats by the legendary AE86 i.e. over-the-open-gutter run in the early races (you got to be kidding me! though from physics' standpoint, theoretically possible).

Not suprising as the production is supervised by non other than the real oldman Drift King himself after all. * i have to see him pull off that over-the-open-gutter run in the Hot Version touge battles, yet*

The opening theme of 4th Stage: Dogfight by MOVE, the beat is just so catchy...

Project D's Keisuke Takahashi (Madza Rx-7 FD3S) Vs Purple Shadow's Kouzo 'God Foot' Hoshino (Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec II Nur')

This ranks as my favourit-est battle of 'em all ~ intense & a mind-blowing climax!

Project D's Takumi Fujiwara (Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex) Vs Todo Juku's Tomoyuki Tachi (Honda Civic Type R - EK9)
deus ex machina for

Takumi... somehow the pro lost by sheer bad luck. That indigenous no-headlight run of his was just absolutely crazy!

Project D's Takumi Fujiwara (Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex) Vs Purple Shadow's Dr. Toshiya 'God Hand' Joushima (Honda S2000 Type V)

Battle finale.... 'nuff said.

I wonder if a 5th Stage would be in the pipeline?

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