Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh yes, this is going to be yet another *oh-yawn-boring* post, especially to the non-motoring inclined readers (gals) on wife-on-wheels… =p

Project Civic ~ Part II: Sorting out the Footwork

Being one who enjoys occasional bursts of wild spirited driving, the next most sensible approach for this project would be to upgrade the suspension system. The best bet would be to go for the crème of the crop of suspension setups: fully adjustable coilovers

Pros: height adjustable to get that dropped look with decent ride, decent compromise between comfort & performance, reduced body roll, improved handling & suspension response & can have damper adjustability

Cons: requires maintenance & stiffer ride over rough roads, not forgetting darn expensive.

Tada! My ride gets a set of fully adjustable coilovers, finally! =)

CST Zero-1 dampers ~ the name CST stands for Circuit Spec Tune. Circuit + Spec makes it sound like a bone jarringly harsh ride… & ordinary daily driving over our common pot-holed & precarious roads is going to be a nightmare!! Oh, boy what have I gotten into?

Being a relatively lesser known Japanese brand (at least on our shores), I’d been having problem sourcing for the details & spec of the dampers. All I could dig up was this:

Duno what the hell it means…

Well, it looks like a short strut monotube design to me...

- 15-way adjustable dampening setting (coz can turn 15 clicks on the dial knob; turn clockwise to stiffen)

- full shock height adjustability of 200mm front & rear (can drop it like it's hot til tires tuck in or in hokkien we say kap-lin)

- matching springs with rates of 12kg/mm (F) & 8kg/mm(R) (stiff like a fully erected c**ck! =p)

Test Drive ~ I GOT BLOWN AWAY.... to be continued

*still lost for words (in a thrilling way) to describe...*

* yet to start with the continuation but someone's yawning already... -_- *


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YAWN* X100

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on 1st 2 comments: that my friends, is the difference between venus & mars... =p