Tuesday, August 07, 2007

All in a day's work
It's our big sista's b'day tomorrow, an occasion that she dissapears from office annually (she really knows how to pamper herself) ~ meaning we've only got an 1 hour of lunch break when she's out to turn her cube into a partyzone; literally meaning screw up her workplace. Afterall we only get to do it once a year (get even, hah!), with a very legitimate reason ^__^

Bombarding her cube with about a hundred bucks worth of choc & tit-bits goodies. She's got a very sweet tooth; she's gonna be grinning from ear-to-ear when she sees it... you bet, she did.

*notice the "pink pan-thong" passdown item ... that's a relic, to us.

It's a Birthday-cake Defect!
Sadly, the batt on my trusty W810i died-ed shortly after... so no more shots of the wackier moments =(
Hea-Pea-Butt-there! big sista Faith, aren't u proud to have colleagues like us? heheh .. whose next?


marv_ said...

cool.. can feel the warmth of it..

cal81 said...

occupational hazard, in another form... hahah.
we're all crazy like that.. maybe coz of all the stress-es

Louis said...

kudos for the decor. i bet faith had one helluva good time discovering it. too bad i missed the look on her face. ada photo ka?

cal81 said...

unfortunately dun hav.. my hp died-ed on me at juz abt that time.... she's been photo-shy since she's got that super short fringe cut, heheh..

faithlovechocolate said...

it's not too late for me to say BIG Thank You ......It was a really NICE surprise!

cal81 said...

ur most welcome! =)