Thursday, August 02, 2007

Just when i was getting si beh hao lian with my EVA Unit 00, along came Simon & his kick-ass Gundam. As with the male species, it's always about who's got the bigger balls, bigger engine, faster ride.. etc. In this case, bigger & cooler toy (okay, u win hands down). What's with this bout of childhood passion indulgence? Well, there's a kid in each & everyone of us; sometimes i just let him run free, to keep my sanity... heh.

Perfect Grade Gundam (dunno what model to be exact) ~ is anything but a kiddy passion. In the eye of a true mecha-anime enthusiast, this generates as much excitement as the the unveiling of the new Nissan Skyline GTR.

(PG) Perfect Grade kit ~ Bandai called them so for a good reason. The level of details ~ to describe it, even impressive is understatement, & fully articulated ~ every that can move does, fluidly.

A 1:60 perfectly sculptured kit with highly intricate designs. $$ range? Starts from RM700++ onwards. I'd get one, maybe a bigger & badder one... if i hit jackpot tonight =p

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