Monday, August 06, 2007

Return of the Hachiroku
Toyota has resurrected the legendary Corolla AE86, the iconic drift machine of the 80s, immortalized in the infamous touge racing anime, Initial D. Having enjoyed world-wide cult status in the drift scene ~ had every dorif-to boy wannabe yearning the get their hands on one ~ probably still the no.1 among the touge zoku; Japan's late night mountain road racers.
Fun & cheap (poorman's sports car), light & agile, powered by the potent 4-AGE + a handling that is best described as endearingly tossable RWD ~ i WANT 1 TOO!

Snapshots of the new 2008 Toyota AE86 (AE08)

A coupe chassis that weighs in at less than 1000kg + 1.5L 2NZ-FE engine with 120PS/6500 rpm and torque of 14.8Kgm/3800 rpm does sound yummy.... though the new look has yet to grow on me.

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