Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Really looking forward to my 1st upcoming Kayaking adventure scheduled next saturday =)
That's how weekends should be spent ~ if you ask me... healthy + action-packed. Lucky to have friends who are such good activity initiators/event organizers ~ coz i'm definitely not! I'll be more than happy to play the supporting cast, by tagging along & roping in more buddies to join in.
The initial location changed from Bau to Borneo Highlands (better, coz i've never been there)
Some details of the trip:
1. 120 per pax; need own transport to travel to kayak location
2. Double type kayaks ~ for it is easier for beginners to handle
3. Dry bags to store compact cameras/hp/valuables available on loan
4. Only drinking water provide, need to bring own picnic ration. Actual time on water 3 hours + swimming break at halfway; starting from Bengoh to Kg Kemadang at Borneo Highlands + some suprises on the way??
5. Payment on trust basis; cash term on actual day of trip based on number of ppl confirmed going (not turn up; so siapa-siapa fong-fei-kei will kena hantam)

So anybody game enough for an exciting rough & wet kayaking adventure?

Have listed down some so stereotypical favorable replies to be expected (as illustration nia, no pun intended):

Guy A: Okey, i'm in . (Confirm going)

Guy B: Sorry brader, cun-cun got date with kang tao on that day. I'll pass. (Confirm cannot)

Girl C: (??)
hmmm.... cheaper liau? np! but transportation ar... u will kautim for me if im goin hor?
#2 this one ar, IF U LET ME GO, u gota be responsible for me ar! hahaha... AND IF IM GOIN, im not gona be in a kayak with stranger ar.
dun care bout tis. hehe...
hmmmm... somebody's gota be responsible for me, so i js let him kautim all these, can? hahahahahahha..
ok. so, I CAN confirm goin... BUT, bear in mind that ....bla-bla-bla..

Heh, notice the difference? So going or not? took me quite awhile to decipher that before finally reaching the I CAN confirm goin part. Yup, will definitely take me an hour to come up with an interestingly lengthy reply like this one. Very the mafan... Haha, very the funny also =p

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Kino said...

you must count me in mah this one.