Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Return of the 300
A movie as stunning as historical poem...
expression of beauty & strength.

The counter attack of Sparta...

An ambassador to Sparta, where a bloody fight will begin

This is crazy!!


This is Sparta!!

This is also Sparta!

This still is Sparta!

No matter what, this is Sparta!

You crazy bloke!


This is Sparta!!

Even the King himself has to refer to the God

Please guide us, God of the Sun!

You siao ah! Now is night time, you call me out!? Go away lah!

Damn that stupid Sun..
So the King gathers his strongest army & departs

On the way, he met some allies..

Yo, this is all you got?


You, what do you do?

I'm the hero of Justice.

What about you?

I'm Harry Potter.

And you?

I'm the pride of Saiya.

Heh, a bunch of small characters.

Brothers, tell them what we do!

Andy Lau: "I wanna be a good man....

This is Sparta!!!

So on they marched & when they finally reached the Dark Tower, the Great War began...

Let them know,

What is Sparta!!!

?? What has this got to do with me!?

Surrender, Spartan!



Actually, ... i'm your father...


I want revenge!

This is Sparta!

The Spartan army is unstoppable...finally, they come face-to-face with the Dark Lord

I never thought it was you...

Sponge Bob!

I've lost...

My time has come!

Hah, you're too dumb!

Aaa... my heart! You!?

That's right, this is Sparta.
Hence, the Spartan king live happily ever after.

More like parody of the 300 (fowarded) =p

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