Sunday, August 12, 2007

One animated sci-fi series i'm hooked on at the moment.
50 episodes long ~ is not usually what i would have patience for; but as the story develops, i'm finding it increasingly difficult to resists the temptation of "let's-watch-another-episode"; usually leads to another & yet another dragging into the wee hours, like i don't have to work the next day.. 8 more to go to the finale, the 50th episode.
Although the original Mobile Suit Gundam had debuted in Japan in 1979 & has had countless of sequels encompassing centuries of future history& spanned several alternate world, SEED Destiny series would be my 1st fascinating introduction into the universe of Gundam.
Gundam SEED Destiny is a sequel to Gundam SEED set in the Cosmic Era timeline; an age where
science has enabled humanity to explore both inner and outer space. Genetic engineering has created a new breed of superhuman Coordinators, and given birth to new resentments and prejudices that have split the human race in two. SEED Destiny's focus was placed more on the ideological conflicts held by the characters, with social commentary proposing a global government conspiracy theory. In a wide scope, the series poses the question of what would be the best path for humanity to follow: one where people's paths are chosen, but they are able to live to their full potential, or that of freedom and the inevitable conflict that will occur?

G.U.N.D.A.M ~ never knew it had any meaning in particular. Amusing.
A potrayal of realistic war machines instead of invincible superheroes, where the people who used these machines to engage in a futuristic space war were complex characters whose motivations and beliefs didn't break down into simple good and evil, and the story encompassed human drama and social commentary as well as thrilling robot battles.

The appeal of an anime? ~ is a medium that offers something for everyone.
Not convinced? Let go your inhibitions, go pick up a copy & watch.

Simon-san's Gundam. Quite a professional looking shot, i must say


Kino said...

Gundam is a good anime and have cool figure.
too bad i dont appreciate it.

MoriarNonOmnis said...

Kira! Kira! Kira!

Pity Athrun is rather sidelined and made very pathetic in this particular season.

cal81 said...

kino: well, i guess there's just simply too many of 'em gundam series. i used to feel indifferent about them too =p
lester: kira's the man; athrun's seems like he's holding back too much.. at least they're much better than that thickheaded shinn asuka ~ brash, impulsive, immaturely unreasonable; too unbearable a character of a main hero... only liked the time when he got his a@$ whooped real good by athrun's justice... hmm.. time for me to start watching the prequel: Gundam SEED