Friday, August 31, 2007

Breakfast Marathon II ~ in conjunction with Merdeka Day
The best part about public holiday like this is that you get UPS (uninterupted-power-sleep) til high noon & stay in laze & daze mode all day long for all you care, as long as you name's not on that darned holiday/weekend duty roster list. Nasty suprises (work-issues) tend to crop up over long weekends, especially when everyone's happy merdeka-ing; so going OT = suicide, even the lucrative OT claims are not that much of a motivation anymore... unless i'm very the cash-strapped. To show our patriotisme, we should all refrain from going to work on this auspicious day. Since most of my kawan sekandang are not on the suicide list, one of us lazyly suggested the idea of a breakfast marathon... In a small peaceful town like Kuching, there isn't much to do, even on a public holiday, especially if you inherently belong to the kang tao-less gang... except lim teh, makan, lim teh, makan .... Afterall, it's been a year since the last breakfast marathon, though this one is more like a lame-sprint compared to the previous.

Kicking off with kolo mee at that old town coffeeshop at Green Road...

Gone in 60 seconds...

Then off to 7th mile for the infamous original 3-layer teh-c-peng...

Not a very shun lu route... if not for the desperate rendezvous with the bunch of new gals from workplace

Back to town again in time for lunch...

Dim sum at Crowne Tower's Causeway Bay..

A very lo-so & demanding camwhorer (one handling the cam) caused a minor ruckus over a spilled glass of tea..

& an unreliable cam that died-ed intermittently.. (troubleshooting in progress, equipment engineer notified)

A bemused girl-next-door: Eh, lu lang cho ha mik? Why can you ppl sit & eat properly like all the other grown-ups??

Nice ride spotted ~ one mean low riding Jazz

What marathon? 3 stations nia oredi wrap up liao??? ~ senior citizen marathon bah =p
Happy Merdeka, people!

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