Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Lancer 2.0GT

Rumour has it that Mitsubishi's new toy is in town; i just had to go check it out to be sure, coz it looked & sounded almost to good to be true. Sure enough, it was the main attraction at the Mitsu's exhibition booth at the Kuching; looking even better in real flesh! So there i was, at Kuching Food Festival for the only time this year (wrapping up tonight) ~ to check out a car & not forgetting the never miss 'sightseeing' as some might term it. *guys thing, ok*
Some of the measily snapshots i managed:

Tasteful & minimalistic interior + steering wheel with a great feel + F1 paddle shifter = yeah bebeh!

A very un-Lancer-like rear end, but the look kinda grows on you & matches well with the aggrasive front snout. It's wearing massive 18' alloys too. Reminds me of its big brother, the Galant VR-4; this junior sized sedan has really grown in size too.
Powered by a 2.0 MIVEC engine capable of 155ps @ 6000rpm with 20.3kg-m @ 4250rpm. I wouldn't exactly call that a high performance engine, especially when the car weights over 1300kg; but is potent enough to for some fun spirited drive around town. It's the killer looks that counts... All that for approx RM117K ++ ~ CBU (complete-built-unit) from Japan. Sure makes the Civic 2.0 iVTEC darned overpriced. Also makes a certain heavy-footed colleague of mine wanna cringe & cry... for buying a City iVTEC too soon.

Snapshots of the new Lancer Sportback. It just get even better!

But then again, for the pure peformance enthusiast with very deep pockets, there's the ultimate Lancer Evolution to be had at probably up to 2.5x the cost of an average run of the mill Lancer. 280bhp 4WD with over 40kg-m of torque does sound INTIMIDATING.

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