Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cosmic Era Gundams

SEED: Orb's Strike Rouge Gundam

SEED Destiny: Orb's Akatsuki Gundam

SEED Destiny: ZAFT's Destiny Gundam

SEED Destiny: ZAFT's Justice Gundam

SEED Destiny: ZAFT's Legend Gundam

SEED: Earth Alliance's Aile Strike Gundam

SEED: ZAFT's Freedom Gundam
Have always been a mecha-fan ~ since the good 'ol days of Transformers & Robotech of the 80s. Though this has been the longest running mecha-anime series since the late 70s, my 1st foray into the Gundam series has only been the recent Cosmic Era SEED (halfway into the 50-episode series) & its sequel SEED Destiny; got hooked on it right away. When it comes to articulation, level of details & cool factor, the CE Gundams have got to rank among the best of the mechas. That iconic Freedom Gundam is definitely on my wishlist...
Source here :one cool site with tons of eye-candies from the land of the rising sun =)

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