Monday, August 27, 2007


“Follow the notes upon a journey

At first sight marks one's destiny

Once the voyage comes to an end

Return lies within hasty key”

Screening at Roy’s Polarwood Cineplex, the other night. Indifferently titled Secret (I think), this is actually Jay Chou’s directorial debut; from the uninspiring outlook of the movie teaser, this’ll be the one movie I would least care to watch. From the beginning it was laughter all the way, thanks to the ‘brilliantly precise’ senseless subtitles (think word-for-word mandarin-english direct translation ala Babel Fish)… laughed til beh tahanxp mind you, it’s supposed to be a melancholy love drama. Laughter subsides as the story unfolds; the subtly amazing musical & cinematography start to bowl me over ~ the plot’s a genius! But alas, just as the now highly anticipated climax of the story is slowly unfolding before our eyes, that darn pirated DVD stubbornly refused to play the last remaining 5 mins of the movie. Damn potong stim nia.. Then somebody had the bright idea to try streaming the movie from youtube ~ it had the whole movie uploaded in segments.. well almost all, except that highly sought after last 5 mins. Never had a movie that I wanted to watch the ending sooo badly. I guess, that’s karma biting back… so much for buying a pirated DVD! Fated to catch it at the big screen. Hope that it’s still showing at the 'proper' cineplex.

Another secret unveiled at the movie night: Simon’s Secret Cheesecake

Eh, how come got rectangular shaped crater defect in the middle one??

Doing some analysis on how the ‘defect’ was formed… Presentation 2/10 but Taste 8/10. Not bad at all, this fella can be good husband/bf material, heh... =p

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